NANOODLE is a service for the Nano cryptocurrency community. It aims to provide products that will fulfill the needs of users and organisations who aim to utilise Nano.

It’s primary focus is on the business adoption of Nano. 


Nano is a cryptocurrency being developed by the Nano Foundation and its open source contributers. This community is building a feeless, instant, global currency over a secure, scalable, energy efficient and decentralised network.

Nano’s network is built around the Block-Lattice architecture (a form of DAG), in which each account has its own blockchain. When a transaction occurs on the Block-Lattice, a block is added onto the sender’s and receiver’s blockchains asyncronously; other accounts’ blockchains are not effected. This approach makes Nano extremely fast and scalable.

The vision for Nano is that it becomes a universally accepted global form of money.